Fiery Automation Package

With the Fiery® Automation Package for Fiery embedded servers, you can reduce job touchpoints and make your print workflow more efficient and profitable.  

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Fiery ® Automation Package provides a professional set of automation tools to reduce job touchpoints and make your print workflow more efficient and profitable. It’s available for Fiery embedded servers running Fiery software.

It includes:

  • Fiery Preflight
  • Fiery Hot Folders
  • Fiery Virtual Printers
  • Fiery JDF
  • Fiery JobFlow Base
  • Advanced job management


Embedded Fiery servers running Fiery software.

How do I find my Fiery system software version?

Your Fiery system software version is listed in the Device Center under General Info in Fiery Command WorkStation. This information also is accessible on the Fiery configuration page printed via the Fiery server.

Technical Support

For support with any Fiery products purchased from the Fiery Shop, please visit our product support page to find helpful information and contact options.

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Go to for detailed information on the Fiery Automation Package, including a datasheet, setup guide, how-to guide, free trial request and more.

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